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Councils & Large Employers



Highfield elearning has a long-standing history of implementing training with local councils in Australia. Our solutions allow you to either refer businesses to our e-learning platforms or download courses for branded face-to-face training sessions. 

Subscriptions are available to allow discounted or free training for food businesses within your Council area email info@firstfortraining.com.au for more details or to arrange a time to talk.

Free Resources & Food Safety Week

Highfield elearning wants to see everyone better trained to improve hand washing, hygiene practices and reduce food poisoning. 

Food safety is everyone's responsibility. Highfield elearning have designed a series of free posters, information on good practice and record sheets that can be passed onto food businesses.  

You can access these materials by registering for an online account for free. No purchase is required to access these materials.

Low-cost training and training referrals:

We also provide low cost training courses (essential, top-up and level 1). The courses can help food businesses demonstrate skills and knowledge through regular training.  

Once you have registered as a council you will receive a code which allows students to get up to 30% off the cost of the essential, top-up or level 1 course.

Please click on the link below to register as a Council then issue the code to stakeholders to allow them to access the reduced rate training.

Downloadable training courses

Councils can also purchase training packs so that they can run face to face training for those who may struggle with English.  These face to face courses match the elearning courses to prepare candidates in a class room setting and at a pace they like.  This will help make them ready to do the online course and test themselves. Once completed a certificate can be downloaded. 

An A5, 20 page full colour, companion handbook is also available for the essential course ($12.5 + GST or $10 + GST if more than 10 are ordered at the same time for a single address).   Postage included.  A4 books are also available (see product catalogue once registered)

To access the dedicated course catalogue, please register for an online account.