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Don’t be one of ‘those’ people. Complete our Food Safety Course today.

14 November 2020

It is Australian Food Safety Information Week 2020 and this year Highfield e-learning proudly sponsors the initiative, which is organized by the Australian Food Safety Information Council.  As an industry-endorsed supplier of food safety training, the theme ‘Food Safety – It’s in Your hands’ is particularly close to our heart. It calls on especially younger Australians to be mindful of maintaining good handwashing practices and ensuring excellent hand-hygiene in daily life.  

Highfield e-learning provides industry endorsed and affordable food safety training, which is suitable for anyone looking to either work in the food business or is simply looking to gain more knowledge and understanding in avoiding food safety pitfalls. 

If you complete one of our food safety courses successfully, you not only gain great knowledge which will help you avoid common food-safety hazards, you also have a chance at winning one of 10 $50 Bunnings Vouchers. 

Schools can win even more, with the school which has most students complete the essentials course by the end of December 2020 winning a $200 voucher from Officeworks.  

To enter the competition go to:

Did you know that according to a recent omnipol survey conducted, 75% of respondents between 18 and 34 years said they always washed their hands after going to the toilet (compared with 89% of over 50s) and only 55% of respondents between 18 and 34 years said they always washed their hands before handling food (compared with 61% of over 50s). 

Let’s be honest. Are you one of THOSE people? 

As a trusted brand in food safety training Highfield e-learning is urging everyone and young people in particular to do some basic food safety training. Our food safety courses are Internationally credentialed and endorsed by Environmental Health Australia.  Highfield eLearning has over 2,000,000 satisfied customers around the world.  We are new to Australia and will work with schools, individuals, businesses and local councils to deliver a range of quality and affordable courses. 

To highlight the importance of food safety training, we have reduced the standard rates of our food safety training and are sponsoring Food Safety Week 2020.  Safe food handling is a basic life skill and something everyone should know, whether they are old, young, preparing food for themselves or for others.  This course is ideal for seniors at school who want to be work ready and for those about to go to University.

So make sure that you and your students have the life skills they need.  Complete the course successfully by 31 December 2020 and enter our competition to win one of 10 Bunnings vouchers valued at $50. The school who completes the greatest number of courses by the end of term 2020 will win a $200 voucher from Officeworks. To enter the competition, please visit the Food Safety Information Council.

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